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Serenity at Spring Fling

We're excited to announce that Serenity Pet Massage will be joining us again this year! Come meet practitioner Melanie Hampton (RVT, CESMT, CCMT, HTA® and Reiki Practitioner) and get a relaxing massage for your pup!

Massage provides a safe, natural, non-invasive method of maintaining your animal's optimal health and quality of life by helping the body remain in homeostasis (balance).

Does your dog suffer from anxiety issues, fear, loud noise phobias, car rides, trips to your veterinarian? Does your dog compete in agility, flyball, treibball, freestyle, etc? Does your dog suffer from arthritis, hip or elbow dysplasia, back problems, recent injury or surgery?

Massage can help by:

Increasing blood and lymph circulation. Bringing strength to weakened muscles. Dispersing pain in tensed muscles. Aids behavioral problems and emotional wounds. Reducing stress and tension. Restoring proper mobility and flexibility.

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