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Puffie's Pawz Rescue!

Puffie’s Pawz Rescue has joined Unleashed for many adoption events, often at our Cary store on Kildaire Farm Road, and we love having them with us every time!

Puffie’s is a small, family run rescue that was created in hopes of saving as many animals as possible. Their mission is to “help rescue unwanted, abandoned, and surrendered animals in need.” Puffie’s ensures every dog and cat are up to date on their vaccines, have been well socialized with other animals, and are spayed/neutered. Puffie’s is a small rescue but they are a huge help to animals in need! They always have some lovable, sweet pups, so we know that they will have plenty of pets to love on at Spring Fling!

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

Click below to learn more about these adoptables!

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