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PetSound Daycare and Boarding - your pet's home away from home

We are very excited to have PetSound Daycare and Boarding joining us again for Spring Fling! Stop by to visit them, and while you are there, thank them for being a sponsor of our fundraiser t-shirt! Thanks to our sponsors, 100% of t-shirt money goes to the rescues at Spring Fling! (And don't forget to get your very own Spring Fling t-shirt to support the rescues!)

At PetSound, they are ready to be your fur baby's home away from home! With overnight cat and dog boarding as well as doggy daycare during the week, their animal-loving staff are ready to attend to your pets needs. As a bonus, they take tons of photos during the day of all the fun going on and post it to their Facebook page so you know your baby is having the time of their life!

PetSound also does doggy birthday parties! They handle all the supplies and treats; you just bring your dog and all their friends for a day of play and birthday fun! What could be better than a party without the clean up??

Is your pup a daycare dog? Have they been to PetSound? Make sure to stop by their booth to say hi!

Never tried daycare and have questions? Stop by and ask away!

You can also check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and their PetSound website!

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