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Oberwies Milk and Ice Cream anyone?

These guys will be at this years Spring Fling again and will be there promoting how they do Home Delivery!

All the dairy comes from a family farm where they started with 40 cows and are now at 200! They also harvest their own feed for their cows and they know exactly what they are getting.

The Oberweis Farmer's Pledge; it's a simple promise and the best way to ensure the highest level of care goes into each and every product labeled Oberweis. A family farm is just that, a farm where a single family owns, cultivates and passes down the land from one passionate generation to the next. This pride and commitment results in better tasting dairy. After all, family farms feed their own loved ones the same milk and dairy that's produced for their customers. We're honored to support this family farm tradition, and will always rely on them for the quality products we prepare for your family.

Make sure to come check them out as they will have Milk and Juice samples to give out!

Check out their website here!

Also make sure to look at their Facebook and Instagram!

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