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Mia’s Mafia is the cats meow!

Mia’s Mafia is a small group of animal lovers working hard to improve the lives of cats and other animals in need. They focus on Trap Neuter Release for cats and medical care for all the animals they can.

TNR is a process where feral cats (those who live their best lives outside, away from humans except their caretaker/feeder) are trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, given an ear tip to identify they are cared for and altered, and then released back to their home and person who cares about them. During this process, it’s not uncommon to find cats who don’t belong in the feral category. Those are cats who are friendly with people and probably were pets at some point in their life, or kittens who haven’t made up their mind about people just yet. These cats get the same medical care, usually minus the ear tip, and then join a foster home where they begin the search for their perfect match.

"We focus on keeping things positive and supporting each other so we can be at our best to do the most good for the animals. We strive to collaborate with others and encourage our team to come up with new and better ideas of ways to help and to run with those ideas. "

Mia’s Mafia is one of the rescues that regularly uses the Cat Shack facility at our Stonehenge store so our customers there have probably seen a few of their adoptable cats and kittens!

Find out more on Facebook and Instagram!

Click image below to check out more of their adoptables!

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