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Meet the Sacred Rebel

We're happy to say Victoria Haffer of Sacred Rebel Wellness will be joining us for Spring Fling! As a Healer, Light worker and Intuitive for over 25 years, Victoria works with both pets and humans intuitively using an eclectic blend of energy healing, cranial-sacral, acupressure, muscle testing, emotion coding, Access Consciousness, essential oils and flower essences to bring about profound healing and transformation to both pet and owner.

Her services include:

Energy Healing

Cranial-Sacral Therapy


Essential Oil and Flower Essence Healing

Yoga for pets and humans

Victoria also often has speaking engagements and workshops on the following topics (and more) for all animals and humans:

Reiki and Energy Healing for Horse, Dog and Rider

Yoga and Meditation Retreats with Horses/Dogs

Coaching with Horses – Equine Facilitated Learning

Using Essential Oils as a powerful therapeutic tool

How your energy affects your horse/dog

These are also offered as private lessons!

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