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Love Mutts Rescue loves all pets!

Welcome Love Mutts Rescue again this year! Love Mutts has joined us many years for Spring Fling as well as held adoption events at some of our stores over the years. Being a long-time Spring Fling attendee, Marli, the founder of Love Mutts says that she loves the Easter Egg Hunt and seeing so many people and organizations, especially since that means new people get to know Love Mutts!

Love Mutts Rescue is a non-breed-specific dog rescue operating in central North Carolina and south central Virginia, operating since June of 2006. They are a volunteer based group that work hard to rescue dogs that come from all backgrounds. They have helped all kinds of animals since they started, including 7,500 dogs, 500 cats, 2 horses, 3 100lb pigs, and a few rabbits and guinea pigs. That's quite a list! Love Mutts pulls dogs from shelters whenever they have foster space available and will also accept dogs when the person who found them or the owner, can keep them in their home and act as a foster parent. Their rescue motto is "It Matters to this One", a reference to the Starfish story, as they work to save as many dogs as they can.

Once a dog joins the rescue, they provide them with appropriate medical care, and place them in foster homes where they can be loved and nourished while they await their forever home. Their goal is to help all dogs that come into the rescue and find the families that are destined to be theirs.

Meet one of their current adoptable dogs, Beckham. This handsome guy has been with Love Mutts for quite a while, in fact, he's the dog that's been with them the longest! At 55lbs, he isn't too big or too small, he's just right. He is described as an active guy, who would be a great hiking companion. If you're more into hanging around the house, Beckham would love to hang out next to you on the couch, on his own bed, or just by your side, no matter where you are. He is house trained and crate trained as well.

Beckham has lots of dog friends and is good with most dogs, given proper introductions are done. He does best meeting other dogs in a controlled environment like a fenced yard, events can be hard for him because of the extra activity. He has had lots of training and has learned to check in with his handler when he gets stressed. Beckham is currently in boarding and his adoption includes "lessons" with his current trainer. This guy just celebrated his second birthday, help Beckham find his perfect match so that he gets to spend all the rest of his birthdays with his fur-ever family! If you can't adopt, you can share his Petfinder profile or make a donation to Love Mutts to help Beckham and all the other pets in the care of Love Mutts.

Follow Love Mutts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with their events and adoptable pets!

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