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HEART Pet Rescue - small dogs, big hearts

Heaven and Earth Animal Rescue Team (HEART) has been at Spring Fling since the beginning, and we are excited to have them back again this year!

This organization is completely volunteer based and relies on foster homes to house their dogs. They can only help as many dogs as their foster homes can responsibly care for. HEART takes in many dogs with special medical needs and gets them treated before adoption in addition to spay/neuter surgery and vaccines. They do not euthanize animals for space constraints and their animals will stay with them until they find their perfect match.

One of their adoptable dogs is Roxy, pictured here! Roxy entered the rescue with a broken leg, but you'd never know that now. She is described as fun, energetic, and incredibly smart, able to figure out all kinds of things, like how open doors, boxes, and containers! You can read more about Roxie here, and make sure to reach out to the folks at HEART if you think she might be the missing piece of your family.

You can learn more about HEART Pet Rescue on their website and make sure to follow them on Facebook to keep up with all their activities and updates on their adoptable dogs!

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