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Have Some Fun with Fluff!

Fluff is a pet sitting service that goes above and beyond for the animals that you love! They offer a range of services including pet sitting, dog walking and overnight stays. Fluff believes in the three C's: Care, Commitment, Community. Fluff cares for your pet by ensuring that their staff is made up of animal lovers who are highly trained in best practices of pet car, ranging from emergency care procedures to animal behavior. Each sitter goes through this extensive training program before they become a Fluff Certified Sitter. This certification proves that whoever your pet is with will be qualified and excited for their job! Fluff is committed to your satisfaction and offers a Tail Wag Guarantee on all of their services! They also firmly believe in supporting the community around them, so a portion of their profits are donated to Canines for Service and the SPCA of Wake County in perpetuity. So not only will your dog receive lots of love and care, but other animals will be helped as well!

Learn even more about what Fluff has to offer on their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

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