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Freedom Ride Rescue; saving dogs one "freedom ride" at a time

Freedom Ride Rescue is a group of Raleigh dog lovers who are dedicated to helping as many dogs as possible get their “freedom ride”- that trip out of the shelter to a new life and a second chance to find their happily ever after. Everyone with Freedom Ride is a volunteer and the group is completely foster based, meaning their dogs live in homes with families, learning everything they need to become the best housemate possible and your future best friend.

“As fosters, we are willing to have our heart break after we love, rehabilitate and nurse an unwanted, unloved animal until they prance away with their fur-ever person – often never looking back – as they start their life’s most wonderful chapter: the one as a cherished pet.”

You can keep up with Freedom Ride on their website or on their social media channels, Facebook and Instagram.

Go to their website to check out these currently available dogs and more!

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