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Freedom Ride Rescue give all types of dogs their "freedom ride" out of NC shelters

Freedom Ride Rescue has joined us for Spring Fling before and we are excited to have them back again this year! One of their favorite things about Spring Fling is seeing their alumni (dogs adopted from them) come and show off the eggs that they find in the egg hunt!

This dog rescue group was established in 2019. They accept all types of dogs, from pregnant moms and puppies, all the way to hospice cases and everything in between. Co-founders Mollie and Larry initially envisioned a small rescue that saved 50 dogs a year. Thanks to the amazing support and passion of their community, Freedom Ride Rescue has saved nearly 1900 dogs (and a few cats) as of their third anniversary.

Like most rescue groups, Freedom Ride relies on foster homes to be able to save more dogs. They provide everything you could need to foster a dog, including a crate, food, and bowls, you just provide your love and time! All dogs in their care receive necessary vetting like a spay or neuter, vaccines and parasite prevention.

One of their adoptable dogs, Scruffy Bear, is pictured below! Isn't he adorable?! This handsome guy is about two and a half and is mix of golden retriever and Airedale terrier (they actually did a DNA test!). He may be technically an adult but he is described as a puppy in a 50lb body. His exuberance and energy mean he loves to play, play, and play! You can read more about Scruffy here and make sure to reach out to Freedom Ride if you think Scruffy might be what you are looking for in a new family member!

You can learn more about Freedom Ride Rescue on their website and make sure to stop by their booth at Spring Fling! Follow them on their social media channels, Facebook and Instagram, to keep up with all their activities and get updates on their adoptable dogs.

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