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Food That is Ethically Raised & Sourced, for Pets!

Introducing Spring Fling sponsor, Open Farm! We're so excited Open Farm will be joining us so more can learn about this awesome company that is very unique in the pet food world! Their core values include transparency, animal welfare, and sustainability, while offering premium nutrition! Open Farm partners with third party organizations that are leaders in humane farming and sustainable fishing standards. They abide by their strict mandates and even subject their entire supply chain to third party audits to guarantee that they're maintaining the highest possible standards for you and your pets. You can even enter the lot code on any of their bags of food and see where each ingredient came from! All of their products are certified humane. Open Farm only works with farmers who prioritize the welfare of the animals under their care. There are many elements that go into raising animals in a natural and humane way but here are just a few of the standards employed by all of their supplier farms:

-Cages, crates and tie stalls are forbidden

-Ample space for animals to be comfortable and roam as they please

-Enrichments to help animals better engage with each other and their environment

-A clean resting space with proper bedding and air quality

-Standards for outdoor and indoor systems to ensure proper care in all climactic environments

Come learn more at Spring Fling and grab a free sample for your dog or cat!

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