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Eunoia is here to help YOU empower YOU

Eunoia- pronounced: you-know-e-a

This is a small business that just started and is right here in Raleigh! This company is formed by 4 Carolina girls: Kayleigh Bain, Emily Wetmore, Bri Strictland and Rose Bain. Each one makes their own things and has their own business as well.

Kayleigh started this business to really feature women running their own show but also to encourage others in being able to stick up for themselves and get through toxic situations when they feel like they have no one.

"We want to help people empower themselves. Only YOU empower YOU!"

The different business that are included to make this brand is:

Eunoia (Shirts, recycled tote bags, wine glasses, cups)

Emily Creative CO (Essential Oil Rollers and Macrame keychains)

Top Knotch CO (Knot Headbands)

Southern Flame (Soy Candles)

Kayleigh is passionate about helping others. Proceeds of sales from Bundle Packages are donated to Domestic Violence Shelters in Raleigh and Myrtle Beach!

Go check out their Website here and see more about them!

Also follow their Facebook and Instagram

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