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Essential to the Party...

Calming, healing, and relaxing essential oils and hydrosols! We're excited to announce that Animal Aromatics will be joining Spring Fling this year, bringing with them a wonderful selection of individual hydrols and hydrol + essential oil blends, along with room sprays and skin care products for pets and people! Animal Aromatics' number one priority is safety for you and your pet. This means their mists and blends are expertly formulated by owner, Laurie, a certified aromatherapist.

Animal Aromatics' products for people are made in small batches with some of the finest, most unique carrier oils and butters you can find on this planet! Knowing and understanding how concentrated essential oils are and how much plant material is needed to distill them, they only purchase oils and butters from companies that use sustainable, ethical practices which also help to preserve nature and her medicine.

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