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Drink Coffee, Pet Cats, Save Lives!

What more could we ask for!? Come support Purr Cup Cafe at Spring Fling to make this dream a reality!

Purr Cup Cafe is in the process of opening a "cat cafe" in downtown Raleigh! What is a cat cafe, you ask? A cat and coffee lovers paradise! Simply, a coffee/tea shop with cats! Purr Cup Cafe's new space will consist of two areas, the cafe, and the cat lounge. The cafe area will be like your regular coffee shop experience: a counter where you order coffee drinks and snacks, surrounded by cafe tables and chairs. The lounge will feature relaxed seating in a cozy room full of adorable, adoptable cats!

At Spring Fling, they will be offering coffee and tea for donations, and have cute Purr Cup Cafe merch, cat toys, buttons, and earrings available!

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