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Dogs Like Joel and you will, too!

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Dogs Like Joel is a t-shirt sponsor this year and was started by founders, Cara and Joel, after they had multiple friends asking them to dogsit. They quickly realized they loved getting to spend time with all their animal pals and decided to turn it into a business! Dogs Like Joel firmly believes in series that are reliable, on time, and absolutely never rushed. They want to make sure your pet gets all the attention and care they need. In fact, they have a minimum visit time of one hour to ensure that they are never rushing an appointment. Every visit your pet will receive from Dogs Like Joel will be filled with love, fun, and happiness. They love dogs of all breeds, along with cats, birds, fish, and most reptiles. They never overcharge or add unnecessary fees, so you can also count on them for consistent and fair pricing. Dogs Like Joel is a company that is easy to love, just like your pet!

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

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