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Carolina Animal Network saves high-risk pets in NC

Carolina Animal Network is joining us for Spring Fling for the first time this year and we are excited to have them! This animal rescue group is made of entirely volunteers who have been helping animals for years and recognized the euthanasia rates for rural shelters leading to them officially forming Carolina Animal Network in 2021.

This group focuses on pulling animals from overcrowded, rural shelters where the animals don't have a great chance of making it out. Carolina Animal Network uses foster homes to care for animals while they search for adopters across North Carolina or for other rescue groups across country can get the animals adopted.

In addition to animal adoptions and placements, Carolina Animal Network promotes spay and neuter initiatives to help reduce pet overpopulation and advocates for shelter reform.

One of their adoptable dogs is Flower, pictured here. This girl was saved right in time from the shelter. She is described as active and playful but also able to enjoy a good nap! You can read more about her here.

Keep up with Carolina Animal Network on their website and their social media channels, Facebook and Instagram. And don't forget to stop by their booth at Spring Fling and say hello!

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