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Black Dog Club isn't just for black dogs!

Black Dog Club is joining us for another Spring Fling this year! This Smithfield-based group focuses their efforts on black dogs, just as the name suggests. These dogs often fall victim to "black dog syndrome", where they are overlooked for adoption due to a number of different factors. They also take in a number of harder to adopt dogs from shelters, ones that are in need of a little extra time and love. Those dogs might have heart worms, be part of a bonded pair, pregnant, or have a rough history they need help overcoming.

"Black Dog Club provides rescue, rehabilitation, and training for dogs pulled from high-kill, rural animal shelters."

When it comes down to it, Black Dog Club is happy to welcome any animal, regardless of color, breed, or species! Make sure to look for them and some of their adoptable dogs at Spring Fling!!

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

Click image below to check out more of their adoptables!

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