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Binky and Bell's Art On Display At Unleashed at City Market!

Check out the new exhibit by Binky and Bell at Unleashed at the City Market on Friday, March 2 from 6 - 9 PM. Meet artist Rick Gardner and check out some the cool cartoon dog art shirts, stickers, bags and artwork from Binky and Bell. 10% of Binky and Bell's sales will go to support Second Chance Pet Adoptions to support homeless dogs and cats. Join the Facebook event!

The exhibit will be on display through the entire month of March!

How Binky and Bell came to be:

"Rick Gardner and Mark Bell met in 2013 through a networking group at Colonial Baptist Church called Colonial Job Seekers. They discovered they were both passionate about their hobbies, Rick about dogs and Mark about woodworking. Together they collaborate to create original cartoon dog art to support homeless pets through rescue groups, shelters and other non-profits.

For Rick, dogs bring joy, happiness, unconditional love, and a passion to capture these feelings and share with them others. Mark looks to bring out the beauty in the wood, celebrate its texture and grains, and enhance the dog art creations of Rick.

Rick’s influences include James Thurber, Charles Schulz and numerous modern day graphic artists. Mark’s influences include his background growing up in the suburbs of Detroit and Boston as well his professional experiences in Germany and Switzerland."

More information about Binky and Bell can be found on their website and Facebook.

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