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ABR American Brittany Rescue

ABR’s mission is to provide the leadership and expertise via a network of trained volunteers to take in stray, abandoned, surrendered and/or impounded purebred Brittanys, provide them with foster care, health and temperament screening, an opportunity for any necessary rehabilitation and to assure their health and placement into new homes. In order to fulfill this mission, ABR’s volunteers remain flexible and adaptable to current and future business environments and they remain dedicated to the organization.

Brittanys can make wonderful family dogs and excel in many areas, but they are not for everyone. They are active, playful, energetic dogs who require personal attention every day. If you’d like to learn whether a Brittany is a good choice for you, your family and/or your lifestyle, please read Choosing a Brittany. Although many rescued dogs do hunt with their new families, ABR's primary concern is finding homes where they will be a valued member of the family.

To see more about these beautiful babies check out their website at or follow them on Facebook Twitter or Instagram

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