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The Moose is Wandering Our Way

We're happy to announce that The Wandering Moose food truck will be joining us at Spring Fling this year, bringing with them their delicious slow cooked meats, scratch-made sauces, and fresh sides! Mmmm! They also offer veggie options! Bring your appetite - you don't want to miss this!

About The Wandering Moose: Started by two friends who both had a dream to create something they could call their own! After spending a combined 39 years in the restaurant industry at every position and every level, they realized one simple thing; life is too short to not be going after your dreams. If they wanted something to call their own, they would have to take the risk and go after it. And so the Wandering Moose was born.

"We are not chefs; we are not world renowned cooks; we are just two great friends with a passion for food that we want to share with whomever we can."

Check out the scrumptious menu:


Instagram: @wanderingmoosenc

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