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New Venue for 2023: Koka Booth Amphitheatre

8003 Regency Parkway, Cary, NC 27518

We are excited to announce a new venue for 2023! Although we are a bit sentimentally attached to our previous location, we have decided to try something new for our 10th Annual Spring Fling!

Join us April 8th from 12 - 6 pm at KOKA BOOTH AMPHITHEATRE in Cary, NC!

Koka Booth offers lots of outdoor space including a sunny grass lawn, several areas of shady pine trees, a professional music Amphitheatre, and a connection to Symphony Lake Greenway around Symphony Lake.

There is also plentiful parking, restrooms, and easy access from 40, 70, 440, 1, 64, and more!

Venue Details:

Weather: This is an outdoor venue, and Spring Fling is rain or shine. We're all wishing for a beautiful spring sunny day, but we'll pull the rain jackets out if needed,- the show must go on ☺. In the event of really severe weather, call the Koka Booth Weather Hotline: 919-459-8332.

Pets: Pets are allowed at Koka Booth for this event. Pets must be on a non-retractable leash that is 6' or less or contained in a crate, x-pen, or stroller at all times. Please pick up after your pet.

Cash: Koka Booth Amphitheatre is a cashless venue. Cash is not accepted at the Box Office, Concessions, or at Guest Services. This event will not be using the Box Office, but some Concessions will be open. For this event many outside vendors will accept cash and/or credit/debit cards. ATMs will NOT be on-site.

Bag Policy: Bags will be allowed at this event. However, please keep in mind that Koka Booth Amphitheatre has enhanced its public safety policies regarding bags and purses allowed in the venue including clear bags. Bags are subject to search and metal detectors will be in place.

Parking: Enjoy complimentary parking in the venue owned lots located outside the main gate/box office. For more details, click here.

Address & Directions: 8003 Regency Parkway, Cary, NC 27518 For directions, click here.

More questions about the venue? We highly recommend that you check out the "Know Before You Go FAQs" page on the Koka Booth Amphitheatre website: FAQs | Booth Amphitheatre.

We're excited to see Spring Fling at Koka Booth this year and hope that you are too!

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