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Last but not least, GoldenKdog!

We are happy to welcome GoldenKdog to our Spring Fling food truck line up this year! If you missed this featured new food at the 2022 NC State Fair, now's your chance to try it!

If you haven't yet experienced a Korean corndog, get yourself to goldenKdog, stat! These classics of Korean street food are not your typical corndogs, typically made with a beef or chicken sausage, or mozzarella stick (or both), wrapped with yeasted batter, coated with Panko breadcrumbs or petit potato cubes, then deep-fried to golden brown. They are then dusted with sugar and drizzled with your choice of condiments. Combine your dog with some fiery Korean or Firecracker Tots, and you've got one flavor-packed meal.

Join us for this year's Spring Fling to try one of these amazing kdogs!

Check out their Facebook, and Instagram for more information!

Featured at the 2022 NC State Fair:

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