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Set Up Instructions


Our space for this event is unique and we ask that you please follow these steps to reduce traffic congestion and make things run smoothly for all.  


Step 1: Timing

  • Leave early enough to arrive between 8 am -10:00 am and be done setting up by 10:45am. 

  • Vehicles will not be allowed in the event area after 10:00 am.   


Step 2: Getting There (see also, attached map)

  • Follow your GPS/map to the intersection of Blue Ridge Rd. and Trinity Rd. or Trinity Rd. and Youth Center Dr. depending on which direction you are coming from.  You can also enter "Gov. James E. Holshouser Building" in Google Maps.  Using the Fairgrounds address (1025 Blue Ridge Rd.) will get you to the Fairgrounds, but not the best entrance, so consult the attached map when you get to the Fairgrounds.    

  • Enter the Fairgrounds off of Trinity Rd. at Gate 9.  

  • As soon as you go through the gate, turn right.  

  • Follow the curve around and take your next right between the NC State Flyer (chair lift) and little pond.  

  • When you dead end with the Grist Mill in front of you, turn left. 

  • Stop and wait to be checked in by an Unleashed employee with a clipboard.  

  • If you are a Scavenger Hunt participant, we will give you stickers at check in.


Step 3: Unloading

  • After you are checked in, quickly choose any available marked spot.  Vendor and rescue spaces are chosen in order of arrival, so if you are choosy, arrive early!  

  • If choosing an outdoor or Pavilion space, turn right into "Heritage Circle."  Drive to the spot of your choosing and pull your car out of the way if possible.  Quickly unload all of your stuff into your spot.  Leave your stuff and move your car. 

  • If choosing an indoor space in the Holshouser building, drive straight, passing the building.  When you are just past the building, turn left.  Pull your car over and unload all of your stuff.  Walk your stuff into the building, drop it in the space of your choosing, and leave it.  Move your car to vendor parking.  Do not leave your car parked by the Holshouser building.  


Step 4: Park

  • As soon as you have unloaded your vehicle, move it to vendor parking.  

  • Turn right and head toward Gate 6 (or 5). 

  • Exit the Fairgrounds and turn right on Youth Center Dr.  You will pass the pond on your right. 

  • Turn right on Trinity Rd.  

  • Turn right towards Gate 9.

  • Turn right on any row before you get to Gate 9.

  • Drive down the dirt row until you arrive at Vendor Parking.  

  • Park your vehicle and head toward the walk-through gate back into the Fairgrounds.

  • Walk past the Grist Mill and to your spot to set up your things.


Step 5: Set-up

  • Set-up and be ready for early-birds to start arriving by 10:45 am. 

  • If you are done early, feel free to lend a helping hand to the 30 rescue groups that will be there. 


Step 6: Event

  • Enjoy all the dogs, and the people too.

  • If you take any pictures and post to social media, tag them using #K9SpringFling or #UnleashedSpringFling

  • If you are a Scavenger Hunt participant, place stickers on your business name on the patron's Scavenger Hunt, found in every event brochure.  They can turn them in at the Donation/T-Shirt/Raffle tent.  

  • If you are an Egg Hunt participant, we will hand out your vouchers at the First Prize Station.  


Step 7: The end

  • Do not pack up before 3 pm, unless specifically instructed to do so by me. 

  • Vehicles will not be allowed into the event until the area is mostly clear of pedestrians and it is safe to open the roads back up. 

  • Please pick up your area and leave it as you found it (free of trash/poop/etc.)   

  • Please use the same routes for pack up as load in to reduce traffic congestion and keep things flowing smoothly for all.  


Other Details: Weather

  • The show must go on, rain or shine, hopefully shine.  There are no refunds and we will be out there regardless.  

  • If we have sunshine or mild rain, we will spread out and use all of the space, with vendors indoors and outdoors and under the Pavilion.  

  • If we experience extremely bad storms, we will cram as many vendors & rescues as we can into the Holshouser building and the covered Pavilion.  


More Other Details: What to Bring

  • We will provide a marked 10x10 area for you to setup in; that is all.  

  • Please bring your own tent, table, chairs, etc. 

  • If you have paid for power, please bring a long extension cord.

  • You are welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks.  We also have a wonderful assortment of food trucks.  



  • Do not sell food or beverages unless you are signed up as a food truck (food trucks will need to make a payment to the fairgrounds directly or via myself following the event).

  • Do not hand out pet treats that are not pre-approved by myself, or found at your local Unleashed store.  

  • Dogs are required to be on a leash.


Attachments: MAPS

  • Please review the attached "Spring Fling Set Up 2019" map for a visual of Steps 2-4.  

  • Please review the attached "Spring Fling layout map 2019" for a visual of the general layout of the event, including location of vendor spots, bounce house, egg hunt, etc.  Use this to get an idea of where you would like to set up.  

  • Please forgive my crude MS Paint markups of the maps.  


Thank you for reading this.  It takes a team effort to pull this event off and if everyone follows these steps, things should run smoothly.  Thank you also for joining us in our 6th Annual Spring Fling.  We are looking forward to an amazing day surrounded by wonderful animal lovers.  

See you real soon,





 Set Up

Spring Fling Set Up Map 2019.png
Spring Fling layout map 2019.png


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