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Paws Fur Joy Photography!

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Paws Fur Joy Photography is a small business run by photographer Abby Moreno.

Check out her website to see how she captures the perfect photos of pets! She specializes in packages for senior dogs, so you have something to treasure and something to remember your best friend by. Her photos capture great lighting along with the happiness in each pup!

"It fills my soul to use photography to celebrate the gifts your pet has given you. Your pet’s gifts deserve to be celebrated. Take a moment to think about the connection between you and your fur baby. What gifts has she/he given you? Perhaps love, companionship, laughter, therapy, joy, and so much more!"

Make sure to check out her website!

Also catch her on Facebook or Instagram and keep up to date with all her fun giveaways she does!

Check out the rest of her portfolio too!

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