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Oberweis Dairy!

Oberweis will be joining us at Spring Fling again and will be promoting how they do Home Delivery!

In every bottle of Oberweis milk, less processing makes a more flavorful and healthier product that's better for families. That means there are no artificial hormones, like bovine growth hormones. They are not even permitted on their farms and you won't find added preservatives in their milk. They have a variety of products including: multiple milk options, yogurts, eggs, butter, cheese, & ice cream!

From their website:

The Oberweis Family Promise:
We do not compromise on the superior taste our customers have come to expect. It's a promise to your family that what you're about to enjoy has been sincerely cared for in every possible way.

Make sure to come check them out!

Also make sure to look at their Facebook and Instagram!

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