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Lee County Animal Services works hard for the animals of Lee County

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

We don’t just have rescue groups joining us at Spring Fling, we also have some of our area county shelters and this year, one of those is Lee County NC Animal Services.

Lee County Animal Services is a small shelter that relies heavily on area rescues to pull animals from them. They are always looking for new partner rescue groups! Currently, they are working to become bigger and better able to serve their community. Being an open-admission, county shelter, they have to take each and every animal that comes through their doors. This is the burden of every county shelter in the country and why the support of the public is so vital! The animals and staff rely on external help, through rescue groups and animal lovers in the community to find a place for the animals to go. There is a limited amount of time and space in the shelter so each animal needs to find a new place to go as quickly as possible.

Mumford is one of the pets there now looking for his perfect match or for a rescue to help him find them!

How can you help? Foster for a rescue group, share the shelter’s adoptable pets on social media to help them find an adopter or rescue, donate supplies to the shelter, or adopt a pet straight from the shelter! All of these options will help the pets and people of Lee County Animal Services.

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