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Freedom German Shepherd Rescue has been saving shepherds since 2019

Freedom German Shepherd Rescue has been saving German Shepherds in the Carolinas since 2019. As a returning Spring Fling attendee, they love the community turnout and connecting with all the other rescue groups.

"We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) rescue comprised solely of unpaid volunteers that share the common goal of saving neglected, abused, and abandoned German Shepherds and German Shepherd mixes from shelters, owners who can no longer keep them and partner rescues."

They strive to treat their dogs, their community, other rescues, and the shelters they help with respect and integrity while also being fully transparent about what they do. Everything they do is for the dogs and their process reflects that. New dogs to the rescue are placed with foster families and provided with medical care and basic training. Foster families constantly evaluate the behavior and personality of each dog so that they can be matched with the right family when they are ready to be adopted.

Freedom German Shepherd Rescue also works to educate the community on topics like pet overpopulation, disreputable breeding, the plight of unwanted pets, and ways to keep their current pets healthy and happy.

One of the dogs in their care is Primrose (all three photos). You can read what her people have to say about her here:

HERE YE HERE YE Now introducing your royal highness, Primrose!

“My loyal subjects, I would like to announce that I am almost ready for adoption!

See, my life started in a land far away where I was gravely injured. Though the details are to be spared, my back leg was broken from an age I was far too young to remember. Somehow, I ended up in a dungeon-like place which was no place for royalty like me! That is when my knight in shining armor, Freedom German Shepherd Rescue, swooped in to save me, and I am so glad they did!

Since being dramatically saved from the dungeon (there was a fire-breathing dragon, a white horse and all!), I have been living my much-deserved lavish life with my new royal foster family. I had to have surgery to fix the break in my leg; they took a piece of metal (probably from the shining armor) and created a plate to help my leg heal. I had a few weeks of crate rest and will soon be ready to find my forever kingdom!!

I am asking my loyal subjects to please apply to be my furever family. Castle required!”

Primrose is the ray of sunshine you need in your life! She is a sassy, independent, and cute puppy. Some might refer to her as spicy LOL! She is 5 months old, 30lbs, crate trained and LOVES playing with other dogs. She has not met a cat but, considering her youthfulness, we believe she would learn to live with one just fine. She has not met any small kids yet either, but we are certain she would do well with supervision. Because of her mobility restrictions, she is still quickly learning to go to the door when she needs to potty. As any puppy, she is curious so a fenced in yard is recommended but not required. She would do fine as an only dog but currently lives with three fur siblings. It is the highlight of her day to play and spend time with them. Going to a home with another dog would be ideal but is not required. Primrose came into the rescue with a broken leg, which was repaired by one of Freedom GSR's partner vets. She has fully recovered, and the vet said she should not have any further issues with her leg. She walks, runs, and plays perfectly fine. Her difficult past does not stop her one bit! She is a free spirit that would make a lovely family companion! Let’s help Primrose find her furever kingdom!!

If you are interested in adopting Primrose, please submit an adoption application by visiting

You can keep up with Primrose and all the other dogs in the care of Freedom German Shepherd Rescue on their website and their social media, Facebook and Instagram. They also do monthly adoption events at our Cary location so check out their website to see the date of the next one!

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