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For the Pups Who Love Adventure

Introducing Spring Fling sponsor, Ruffwear! Specializing in performance dog gear, Ruffwear offers must-haves for every adventuring dog with everything from doggie sleeping bags to "saddle bags" so your dog can carry their share of the travel supplies! One of the best things about Ruffwear is their commitment to helping dogs and people in need! Ruffwear partners with Best Friends Pet Animal Society to connect active dogs seeking homes with active people looking to adopt! When a good match is found, Ruffwear covers the cost of all approved adoptions, including travel fees, and provides each adopted dog with a Ruffwear collar and leash, as well as gear to enhance and inspire adventures with their new human companion. Ruffwear also helps dogs and people by providing gear to support dog and handler in avalanche rescue teams! We're so happy Ruffwear is a part of Spring Fling too!

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