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Doxie by Proxy - short on legs, long on moxie!

Doxie by Proxy is another one of our returning rescues for Spring Fling! They love meeting so many great people there and have found some amazing fosters and adopters!

This Dachshund rescue group formed in 2019 from a love of rescuing and of Dachshunds. The volunteers with Doxie by Proxy have over 50 years combined experience with rescue work and focus their efforts on dogs in North Carolina. Once a dog is taken in, they are a part of Doxie by Proxy for life! That means that no matter what, that dog has a place with them if they need it. They prioritize helping dogs in shelters since they are at the highest risk, but will also accept owner surrenders if they have foster homes available.

Whenever possible, Doxie by Proxy tries to help owners work through the issues that are leading them to surrender their pet. They have plenty of experience to draw on and encourage people to reach out to a trainer when needed.

Stop by their booth and say hello! You can keep up with Doxie by Proxy on their website and their social media channels, Facebook and Instagram.

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