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Comfy, Sustainable Beds - Blue Toby

We are happy to welcome one of our new vendors to Spring Fling this year, Blue Toby, and really looking forward to seeing the Blue Toby sustainable pet bed system in person ourselves.

We are always looking for pet beds that are Made in the USA, and Blue Toby is not only that but also works with “manufacturers and suppliers close to our location in North Carolina.”

According to Blue Toby, their beds are unlike anything on the market:

  1. A high-quality furniture grade mattress and cover with three layers of orthopedic comfort that you and your pet will enjoy for years.

  2. A second reversible, waterproof cover that is easily removed, washed, and replaced. Custom design choices!

  3. Options like bolsters, pillows, and blankets suit your pet's needs.

  4. Environmentally friendly, including recycled fabric and sustainable U.S. manufacturing,

  5. Designed by an animal behavior scientist, woman-owned public benefit company.

Check them out for yourself at Spring Fling! In the meantime, learn more on their website, and follow Blue Toby on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest

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